Video Testimonials


It’s a tricky operation. People don’t realize how much expertise is required to make sure that the implant sits correctly and that your bite is the same


So basically, there’s a good positive environment here and I think he’s assembled a really good team, and it shows. I have recommended this office to a couple of patients.


I came here, and it was a great first visit. I immediately felt comfortable and I felt like I would be well taken care of.


I came to Dr. Noori and he put me so much at ease with what was going to happen and I just felt very confident that I was in very professional hands.


I mean, people say on the commercials, you know, that you can eat corn. I eat corn, I eat steak, I eat everything, and I enjoy every bit of it.


I was most impressed with Dr. Noori because of his compassion for his patients, and the fact that he never left you feeling like you didn’t know what was going on.