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Tips for Safe, Swift Wisdom Teeth Recovery

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last permanent teeth to erupt. They are the very back teeth and are not needed for chewing. They usually appear between the ages of 17 and 20, but they can continue to erupt until age 30.  Some wisdom teeth become impacted or blocked as they try to push […]

Why Summertime is the Best Time for Wisdom Teeth Removal

For some people, wisdom teeth grow downward, break through the gums, and cause no pain or problems, therefore warranting no further action than cleaning and flossing as their counterparts do. But unfortunately, wisdom teeth can become the bullies of the mouth, growing in awkwardly, pushing other teeth around and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria […]

Dental Implants for Stronger Permanent Dentures

By 65 years old 57% of people wear dentures. Unfortunately, nearly half of all denture wearers are unhappy with them, and only 5% are completely satisfied. The number one complaint about dentures is how they fit, followed by concerns about an unnatural appearance. Because of these worries, denture wearers report feeling uncomfortable in social situations, […]

Knowing When to get a Tooth Pulled

It’s understandable that dental patients would rather not have a tooth extracted and there are instances when having to get a tooth pulled can be avoided, but only a dental exam by a qualified professional can determine if your situation is one where extracting one or more teeth will be necessary. Common Reasons for Removing […]

Surgery for Hyperdontia, or Extra Teeth

The condition of having extra teeth (also referred to as supernumerary teeth) is called hyperdontia. The first 20 teeth that grow when you are a child are deciduous teeth. These are your primary teeth that are then replaced by 32 permanent teeth in your teen and adult years. When extra teeth are present, they are […]

How to Choose an Oral Surgeon

Dentists handle overall dental health, but when problems arise, that they can’t feasibly take care of in their own office, they will recommend that you see an oral surgeon to take care of the problem. The problem is that they may not point you right to the best oral and maxillofacial surgeon for your needs. […]

Worst Candies for Dental Care

Halloween is Here which Means so are the Worst Candies for Dental Care What Kind of Candy Can’t I Eat After a Dental Extraction? Halloween is almost here again. Soon the sidewalks will be full of small-sized superheroes, villains, witches, and more. For the little ones’ teeth (and their parents) the truly scary thing about […]

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Have to be Pulled?

It’s a rite of passage for many teenagers: wisdom tooth extraction. Most people are resigned to the procedure, complete with puffy face and milkshake diet. After all, doesn’t everyone have to have their wisdom teeth pulled? Well, that’s mostly true. Roughly 85% of adults have undergone the procedure to keep their teeth healthy. But is […]