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Oral Surgery and the Holidays

It’s that time of year again: family gatherings, holiday food, and…oral surgery? In fact, the winter break is often the perfect time for people to schedule the work they’ve been putting off due to the hectic pace of life. Here are a few of the reasons to consider winter break for your wisdom teeth removal or other oral surgery service.


If you have insurance benefits to use by the end of the year, then the clock is ticking! The same is true if you have funds left to use in a Flexible Spending Account. Take advantage of the benefits that are available.

Time to Heal

If you have to take time off from work or school after surgery to recover the pressure is on to hurry back. But during vacation, there’s more freedom to slow down and give yourself time to really heal.

Stay Inside

The weather is cold, and the fire is warm. This is the perfect time of year to curl up on the couch, rest, and recover.

Enjoy Holiday Foods!

It’s true; no peanut brittle for you if you’ve just had surgery. But there are still plenty of holiday foods you can enjoy, even a just few days after oral surgery. Just remember a few rules: nothing crunchy or hard, no crumbs that can stick in your surgery site, nothing too hot, and don’t use a straw.

Fill your plate with soft foods such as:

  • Tiny pieces of turkey or ham
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Sweet potato (avoid any nuts or crunchy toppings)
  • Stuffing or dressing
  • Soft rolls
  • Nut-free pies, such as pumpkin, French silk, or custard. Avoid the crust, but enjoy plenty of whipped cream!
  • Eggnog or hot chocolate

If you’ve been putting off oral surgery because you’re too busy, consider getting your wisdom teeth removal over winter break. At Peak OMS we are Denver’s choice for skilled oral or maxillofacial surgery, and the holidays are filling up. Contact us today to see how we can help you. We at the Peak OMS family wish your family a happy and healthy holiday season.


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