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Spring Break: Perfect Time for Wisdom Teeth Extraction!

If you’re planning your teen’s spring break, you may be considering taking a trip, getting some projects done, or just spending a relaxing week hanging around with friends. But spring break might just be the perfect time to schedule a wisdom tooth extraction instead. It may not seem like the most fun way to use their time off school, but it’s worth considering. Spring break can be the best time for wisdom teeth removal, and here are a few reasons why:

Time to Heal

While some people bounce right back from having their wisdom teeth out, others need a little extra time to heal. Depending on how complicated the procedure is, your teen may benefit from a few extra days to recover. If they must get right back to school and only have a weekend to recuperate, it might be a little too fast. Not every patient will be ready to jump back into the bustle on Monday. Giving them ample time to recover helps prevent complications that can slow the healing process, so spring break offers a long enough window for safe wisdom teeth extraction and recovery.

Prepare the Perfect Environment

Recovering from having your wisdom teeth extracted isn’t that difficult, but spring break gives your teen a little more time to heal, and who says he or she won’t appreciate some extra care? The perfect movies, their favorite soft foods, and fuzzy blankets will be a comfort as your teen heals. Having their preferred comforts on hand can simplify their recovery. While they can take the appropriate foods and supplies with them if they have to go back to school in a few days, it is sometimes difficult to remember everything they might need away from home. It will be much easier and more comfortable to have their favorite comforts ready for them. Then they are all set to relax, get cozy, and recover in comfort.

Minimize Activity

Becoming active too soon after wisdom tooth extraction can cause complications, such as bleeding, dizziness, fatigue, and swelling. Jumping right into school instead of taking the time during spring break to heal from wisdom teeth extraction can be risky. Being around their peers and back in the swing of activity can make it harder for teens to remember to slow down. Friends and activity are pretty distracting, and it’s easy for teens to be so busy that they don’t realize they’ve pushed themselves too far. It’s best to allow plenty of time for your teen to take it easy, without hurrying back to the busy school life. Preparing ahead with calm activities will help your teen take it easy and give them time to heal. After all, preventing complications is always easier than recovering from them.

Scheduling Flexibility

During spring break you have more freedom to pick a time that suits you. Instead of juggling schedules to prevent having the extraction done too close to tests or activities, you’re free to pick the best day for you. With more daytime appointments available, you’re sure to find one that fits into your family’s life in a way that works for all of you.

Fewer Complications Than Summer Time

A teen’s summer schedule gets filled up quickly. Once your teen settles into their summer routine, it can be hard to find the best time in their schedule for wisdom teeth removal. Rather than complicating summer job schedules or family trips, take advantage of the simplicity of spring break. After all, spring break is just a single week of freedom — so you might as well use it to your best advantage.

Whenever you decide is the best time to have your teen’s wisdom teeth removed, the team at Peak OMS has skilled, experienced experts in oral surgery you can trust. Serving the Denver area, we combine state-of-the-art technology with the best in personalized patient care. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact us.

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